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Restoring the Rasche Barn!

This Adams County, Illinois barn, located near Camp Point, is owned by Jeff & Shelly Rasche.  It was originally built in 1912 as a show barn for cattle.  Over the years the large & unique cupola, complete with eight sets of double-hung windows and fish scale shingle siding, had decayed, caused the roof to sag, and finally been replaced with a metal vent (seen in the picture below right).   The next two pictures below show the condition of the barn when it was purchased in 2002 by the Rasches.
The pictures that follow give you a glimpse of the barn as it was restored.  It was fun!!!  Today it is occupied by on the downstairs level by miniature donkeys, ducks, and cats; the upstairs level serves as Shelly's warehouse for her artwork supplies, shipping materials, product samples, and merchandise for sale.

Here are some views from the lift while we painted...the time flew by, we worked hard, and the next thing we knew...it was done!